The MSc Program „Data Science and Information Technologies (DSIT)“ is by its very nature intensely interdisciplinary. We exploit the fact that the program is articulated on two, complementary tracks. In particular, students in each track may choose electives from the other track, if they target a more balanced acquisition of skills, or they may choose to deepen the study of their track by opting for electives in that track.

To obtain the MSc degree, students should pass successfully 4 compulsory courses per semester corresponding to their track of study, and one additional elective course per semester, for their first two semesters. They must also complete successfully and defend orally their MSc Thesis during the 3rd semester.

The duration of study leading to the Master’s of Science degree (Postgraduate Degree) is at minimum three academic semesters. The maximum allowed duration of study is five semesters. If the student is working in parallel with her/his studies, for at least half-time, s/he can request to extend the duration of studies to six semesters.