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I received my Bachelor diploma from Athens University, Greece, on Biology and my PhD from University of Cambridge, Institute of Biotechnology, UK where I was trained on embryonic stem cells by Martin Evan’s group (Nobel Prize winner in Physiology/Medicine 2007). I continued my research at Harvard Medical School, sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (dual appointment at Human Institute of Medicine, Department of Genetics, Division of Hematology/Oncology and Brigham & Women’s Hospital). As a postdoctoral fellow I applied my expertise to generate animal models to study human diseases such as hematopoietic malignancies and I was part of the research team that performed the preclinical trials for Imatinib (Gleevec, Glivec by Novartis), the first oral chemotherapy medication.

Since December 2002, I am a Principal Investigator ( at Biomedical Research Foundation of Academy of Athens, Center of Basic Research, Department of Genetics, investigating spaciotemporal gene regulation via molecular and imaging techniques and informatics analysis. My h-index is 20 and i10-index 32 and I have more than 50 publications in top peer review Journals (85% in Q1s and 15% in Q2s), almost 2000 citations (624 the last 5 years), 2 chapters in books, and numerous oral and poster announcements in national and international conferences. I supervised dissertation (25), Master (17) and PhD (4) thesis. I was co-founder and Vice-president of Genomedica Molecular Diagnostics S.A. ( and co-founder and Scientific Director of ProCell Biological Applications S.A. ( I am Chair of the HCT Research Committee of Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Tools (2022-present) and a member of the Stirring Committee of the HORIZON2020 – The Framework Program for Research and Innovation (EU) GALAXY: Gut-and-liver axis in alcoholic liver fibrosis (2015-present).