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This page provides an overview of the Master’s Theses and Doctoral Dissertations completed by students of the postgraduate program “Data Science & Information Technologies”, University of Athens.

All Master’s Theses can be found at the Pergamos repository

Master’s Theses completed in 2020:

Student Name: Nikolaos C. Efthymiadis

Thesis Title: Zero-Shot Domain Adaptation for Sketch Recognition“.


Student Name: Stavroula Elevtheraki

Thesis Title: Subspace Clustering: A Possibilistic Approach“.


Student Name: Calliope P. Kostopoulou

Thesis Title: Sparse Communication for Deep Learning“.


Student Name: Konstantina G. Nikolaidou

Thesis Title: Image Informed Neural Machine Translation“.


Student Name: Bill M. Psomas

Thesis Title: Metric Learning: A Deep Dive“.