This page offers a link to a list of Master’s Thesis topics, by the corresponding supervisors. Moreover, it shall provide a list of Master’s Theses completed within our Program, as well as other Program activities related to research.

Master’s Theses are mandatory, and are supervised by a faculty member or researcher participating in the Program. Besides the written report, there is a public oral defense, presented to a 3-person committee that includes the supervisor. Students undertaking research-oriented theses are encouraged to work towards a publication of their results; the Program financially support such publications in a conference or journal.

The supervisor and at least another committee member should be faculty or researcher participating in the Program, namely, teaching or having taught a course. The 3rd member must at least hold a PhD in an area related to the thesis’ topic. At least one committee member should be faculty from the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, University of Athens, which is the department that administers the degree.