The total number of Credit Units (ECTS) required to complete the M.Sc. degree is 90. Each course corresponds to 6 Credits and the Master Thesis corresponding to 30 ECTS Units. The courses offered are divided into compulsory core courses and elective courses. Each student is required to attend four (4) core courses and one (1) elective course in each of the first two semesters. The third semester is devoted to the Master’s Thesis. Student attendance of courses is mandatory.

The electives are not all offered every year and are taught on a rotation basis. Further changes in the program (e.g. name of instructor, change of semester that a course is offered) are shown in the list below. Changes of compulsory and elective courses and their number of ECTS are decided by the Special Committee in accordance with current legislation, and the rules of the graduate program.

Boot camp on “PYTHON and Data Science”.
During the first week of courses, namely Monday 28 September to Friday 2nd October 2020, an intensive course on “Python and Data Science” shall be held at the Linux Lab of the Dept of Informatics & Telecoms, by Dr T. Dalamagas.

Offered courses (numbers in the last two columns correspond to direction of studies)

Code Course Title Semester Instructor Required Elective
M430 Machine Learning Fall Perantonis 1, 2
M161 Big Data Analytics Fall Gunopulos 1 2
M164 Knowledge Technologies Fall Koubarakis, Tsalapati 1 2
M401 Deep Neural Networks Fall Papageorgiou, Kolovou 1 2
M413 Introduction to Bioinformatics Fall Reczko, Dimopoulos 2 1
M416 Biology-Physiology Fall Anastasiadou, Stravopodis, Tsitsiloni 2                
M417 Introduction to Biotechnology Fall Tsangaris, Stravopodis, Tsitsiloni 2      
M104 Geometric data analysis Fall Emiris 1, 2
M404 Biostatistics Fall Linardatos   1, 2
M402 Clustering Algorithms Fall Koutroumpas           1, 2
M420 Molecular Modeling of Biomolecules Fall Cournia 2
M115 Image processing and analysis Spring Katsouros,Papavasiliou 1, 2
M149 Database Systems Spring Koutrika 1 2
M411 Big Data Management Spring Doka, Doulas 1 2
M412 The Internet of Things Spring Hadjiefthimiadis 1  2
M103 Algorithms in Structural Bioinformatics Spring Emiris, Chrysina 2  
M403 Algorithms in Molecular Biology Spring Dalamagas 2 1
M410 Machine learning in computational biology Spring Manolakos 2 1
M405 Natural Language Processing Spring Papageorgiou, Kolovou 1, 2
M407 Applications of Data Science and Information Technologies in Neurosciences Spring Vekrellis, Ouzounoglou               1, 2
M415 Computer Vision Spring 1
M421 Time series data analysis and applications Spring Pikrakis 1
M460 Special topics: Data Visualization Spring Roussou 1, 2
M406 Applications of Data Science & Information Technologies in Medicine Fall/Spring 1, 2
M408 Innovations in Data Science & Information Technologies Fall/Spring 1, 2
M409 Social Implications of knowledge technologies and the 4th industrial revolution Fall/Spring 1, 2
M414 Optimization: Theory and Algorithms Fall/Spring 1
M460 Special topics in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Fall/Spring 1
M480 Special topics in Bioinformatics Fall/Spring 2
M725 Information Theory Fall/Spring 1

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