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MSc Thesis Topics

Prof Elias S, Manolakos research group is announcing the following Machine/Deep Learning related topics that are currently a  priority  for MS Thesis projects:

  1. AI4MD – AI for drug design computational pipeline using short Molecular Dynamics trajectory datasets to predict GPCR receptor-ligand interactions (ongoing collaboration with Northeastern U, Boston). The student involved will also get a Visiting Student status at Northeastern U. for the duration of the project. Requirements: ML/DL using Python, strong interest in drug design, cheminformatics, cloud computing.
  2. MLscAN – Machine Learning pipeline for Single-cell analytics and visualization with emphasis on trajectories inference algorithms. Requirements: ML using R, Strong interest in Computational Biology.
  3. CDML – Collaborative Distributed Privacy-preserving Machine Learning, with emphasis on Split Learning (SL) and Federated Learning (FL) methods and their combination. Applications in Healthcare. Requirements: DL theory and implementation using Pytorch, distributed and parallel computing. This topic is open to students pursuing either one of the two specializations of the DSIT graduate program.
  4. Digital Twins for Celiac Disease: Mathematical disease modeling and AI tools development Requirements: Strong interest in Systems Biology, disease modeling using dynamical systems, and stochastic simulation (potential for EU support beyond the MSc at the PhD level in 2023).

If you want to collaborate with Prof. Elias Manolakos group on your MSc thesis, please e-mail: eliasm@di.uoa.gr by the end of July 2022 expressing your interest. Please indicate (in order of preference) your interest to the above projects. Moreover, in a .zip file please submit your updated resume’ unofficial transcripts of undergraduate and graduate work, a motivation letter describing your skills, aspirations and future plans, and any relevant research or work experience, including a github site, publications or project reports. You will be contacted in July 2022 for a discussion where more details will be provided.

The tentative thesis starting date is September 1st, 2022.

Elias S. Manolakos