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Konstantinos D. Koutroumbas received his Diploma degree from the University of Patras (1989), an Ms.C. degree in advanced methods in computer science from the Queen Mary College of the University of London (1990) and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Athens (1995).

Since 2001 he is with the Institute of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing of the National Observatory of Athens, Greece, where currently he is a Research Director. His research interests include mainly Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Data clustering, Time Series Estimation and their application to (a) remote sensing applications and (b) the estimation of characteristic quantities of the upper atmosphere. He has co-authored the books Pattern Recognition (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th editions) (translated to Chinese and Greek) and Introduction to Pattern Recognition: A MATLAB Approach (translated to Korean and Greek). He has over 40 publications  in peer review journals (two of them were invited papers) and over 50 publications in conference proceedings (with review) (one of them won the best paper award). He was a member of the program committees of several Conferences related to artificial intelligence and machine learning conferences. He served as a reviewer for several high quality journals. He has over 7000 citations in his work (scopus).