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Aggelos Pikrakis (Eng., Ph.D.) is a tenured Assistant Professor with the Department of Informatics at the University of Piraeus, Greece. His research interests lie in the areas of machine learning/artificial intelligence for audio, video, speech and music signals with an emphasis  on deep neural network architectures, dictionary learning algorithms, hidden Markov Models and dynamic time warping techniques. He is a  co-inventor of granted patents on music recommendation technology and he  has co-authored two international textbooks with Academic Press in the  areas of pattern recognition and audio analysis, as well as more than 50  research papers in international journals and conferences, including  IEEE Transactions on ASLP, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia and IEEE  ICASSP. He has also served for a number of years as an Associate Editor  of the EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing. During the past  15 years, he has been teaching various courses related to audiovisual  signal processing and machine learning and is supervising Ph.D. theses  in the areas of speech pathology detection, intelligent music sensing  and audio event detection in weakly labelled environments. His work has  received award recognition through the years, including a 1st position  in the MIREX contest for algorithms, an IEEE MMSP best paper award  (co-author) and the 2019 EURASIP Meritorious Service Award.