2407, 2020


The Coordinating Committee of the MSc Program in "Data Science and Information
Technologies", in its meeting of July 24, 2020, compiled the following list of
admitted students and runner-ups, for the academic year 2020-21.

1st direction: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

ADMITTED (alphabetical)

Anagnostopoulos Theodoros
Bizimis Michail
Dimakopoulos Nikolaos
Dragonas Theodosios
Kalimeris Alexandros
Karampasis Ilias- Stylianos
Katsogiannis-Meimarakis Georgios
Kokkinakos Panagiotis
Mitsopoulou Anna
Neamonitis Evangelos
Oikonomou Dimitrios
Papadakis Antonios
Pipilis Georgios
Siampou Maria Despoina
Spyrou Aris
Stais Valerios
Tritsarolis Andreas
Tsapelas Christos
Xydas Michail
Zerntev Alexandros

RUNNER-UPS (in order)

1. Dokianakis Michail
2. Troulitaki Petrina
3. Maniatis Nikolaos
4. Rempoulaki Anastasia
5. Kavvada Anna-Aikaterini
6. Tassias Panagiotis
7. Misios Ioannis
8. Kotzastratis Stylianos
9. Ouzounidis Georgios
10. Gkoutis Georgios
11. Reppas Dimitrios
12. Xagorari Aikaterini
13. Karamanidis Dimitrios
14. Gkatsis Vasileios
15. Borovilou Christina 

2nd direction: Bioinformatics - Biomedical Data Science

ADMITTED (alphabetical)

Anastasiou Eftychia
Anastasiou Georgios
Andrianopoulou Christina
Chrysoula Theodora
Diamantopoulos Marios-Ioannis
Filis Georgios
Garoufi Nefeli
Kalos Vasileios
Katopodi Xanthi-Lida
Kollias Angelos
Koutsouridis Aristotelis
Lasponikou Antigoni
Pantoulas Stefanos
Roussaki Aikaterini
Rouvalis Georgios
Sfrintzeri Konstantina
Synacheri Anna-Chloi
Tsamkosoglou Konstantinos
Vozi Aspasia
Zhu Yishu

RUNNER-UPS (in order)

1. Pari Christina
2. Mamoulidis Paris
3. Karpouzis Ioannis

All admitted candidates must declare whether they accept or decline their position,
by Friday 31/07/2020, by sending an e-mail to  (Mrs. K. Kanavou),
in order for the Program to inform runner-ups on any vacant positions.

Courses start on October 1st, 2020. The precise course schedule and the dates of
registration to the Program will be announced in September on the Program's

Admitted students that have not submitted their C1-level English proficiency
certificate must present it at registration. 
Students with a weak informatics background may have to pass one or two
corresponding undergraduate course(s), and shall be informed accordingly.

Athens, 24/07/2020


2206, 2020

2nd Call for applications for the academic year 2020-2021 – Deadline extension to Sunday July 5 , 2020

The Department of Informatics & Telecommunications of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in collaboration with the “ATHENA” Research Center, and the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens, invites applications for admission to the MSc Program “Data and Information Technologies” (DSIT), offering two specializations:

  1. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  2. Bioinformatics – Biomedical Data Science

The overall program and all coursework are expected to evolve as in previous years respecting, of

course, any health measures that may become necessary.

All coursework and lectures are in English. The goal of the program, now in its 3rd year, is to provide top-quality education in Informatics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. The two specializations have been designed according to international standards in order to meet the needs of the European academia and job market.

The program admits up to 20 students per specialization. The duration of studies is 3 academic semesters (90 ECTS), including one for the completion of an MSc Thesis (30 ECTS). The fees are € 900 / semester. For further information see our website The program is coordinated by Professor I. Emiris (U. Athens, and ATHENA RC).

Αpplications shall be submitted entirely online at pplications shall be submitted entirely online at, with recommendation letters sent directly by referees to: The new application deadline is on Sunday, July 5, 2020.

First degree (BSc) holders in Computer Science, Mathematics, Applied Math, Engineering, Biology, Medicine, and related subjects from Greek or foreign Universities are welcome to apply. Graduates of non-Greek institutions should consult the Hellenic NARIC organization ( regarding degree recognition.

Further information, including application form, list of supporting documents, rules and regulations (describing the curriculum and the selection procedure) are available at: For more information you may contact the program’s secretary, at +30-210-7275337 or at

1603, 2020

Announcement about classes

No classes are held physically until further notice, but instructors are arranging teleconference solutions for continuing teaching. Please be in contact with your instructor (typically by email and via e-class).

1102, 2020

Updated [Mon.9/3] Schedule – Spring Semester 2019-20

ALL COURSES start in the week of Monday 17 February 2020

(except for “Time-series analysis” that starts on a later date)


Code Course title Compuls./
Day / Time / Room
M115 Image analysis and processing CO1-2 Κatsouros (Athena), Kalatzis (UWA) – Mon. 11-14, Z
M412 Internet of Things CO1-EL2 Hadjiefthimiadis, Kolomvatsos (NKUA) – Thu. 14:30-17:30, E
Μ149 Database Systems CO1-EL2 Koutrika (Athena) – Wedn. 16-19, Γ
Μ111 Big Data management CO1-EL2 Ntoulas (NKUA) – Mon. 17-20, A2
Μ103 Algorithms in structural bioinformatics CO2 Emiris (NKUA), Chrysina (NHRF) – Mon. 14-17, Γ
Μ410 Machine Learning in
Computational biology
CO2-EL1 Μanolakos (NKUA) – Tue. 14-17, Δ
Μ403 Algorithms in Molecular Biology CO2-EL1 Dalamagas (Athena) – Thu. 18-21, DIT Linux Lab
Μ415 Computer Vision EL1 Avrithis (INRIA), Κatsouros (Athena) – Mon. 14-17, E
Μ460 Special topics: Data Visualization EL1-2 Roussou (NKUA) – Thu. 18-21, Δ
Μ407 Applications to Neuroscience EL1-2 Ouzounoglou (NTUA) – Thu 15-18, DIT Linux Lab /
Vekrellis (BRFAA) – Thu. 14:30-17:30, BRFAA
Μ421 Time series analysis and applications EL1-2 Kofidis (U. Piraeus) – Tue 18-21, Room TBD



702, 2020

Summer School on Algorithmic Data Analysis

Dates: June 15 – 19, 2020

Venue: Lipschitz Lecture Hall, Mathematics Center, Endenicher Allee 60, Bonn, Germany

Organizers: Anne Driemel (University of Bonn), Melanie Schmidt (University of Cologne)

Confirmed lecturers:

• Ken Clarkson (IBM Research, US)
• Ioannis Emiris (University of Athens, Greece)
• Robert Krauthgamer (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
• David Mount (University of Maryland, US)
• Jeff Phillips (University of Utah, US)
• Ruth Urner (York Uniersity, Canada)

In this Hausdorff school we study algorithmic aspects of foundational methods
to learn and generalise from data. While the nexus is algorithmic, this area of
research is a rich and vibrant field within theoretical computer science which
draws from deep connections to statistics, geometry, and combinatorics.
This Hausdorff School is intended for motivated graduate or postdoctoral
students of mathematics or computer science. Leading experts discuss geometric
and probabilistic approximation techniques and their connections to learning
theory. Each invited speaker gives a mini-course spanning three lectures
ranging from introductory material to advanced topics and current research.

Further information can be found on the website:

Limited financial support is available. The deadline for applications is 29th
March 2020. Applicants will be notified in April. Late applications may be
considered until the summer school is fully booked.

2401, 2020

DSIT Winter Exam Schedule 2019-20

Μ164 Knowledge Technologies, Κουμπαράκης Τρίτη 11/2, 15.15 έως 18.15, ΕΚΠΑ

Μ161 Big Data Analytics, Γουνόπουλος, Παρασκευή 31/1, 15.15 έως 18.15, ΕΚΠΑ

Μ401 Deep Neural Networks, Παπαγεωργίου -Κολοβού, Παρασκευή 14/2, 18.00 έως 20.00, ΕΚΠΑ

Μ124 Μachine Learning, Περαντώνης, Δευτέρα 10/2, 18.30-21.30, ΕΚΠΑ

Μ416 Biology- Αναστασιάδου, Παρασκευή 14/2, 11.00-14.00, ΙΒΕΑΑ, Αίθουσα Γ1

M417 Introduction to Biotechnology, Τσάγκαρης- Αναγνωστόπουλος- Γεωργίου, Τετάρτη, 5/2, 14.00 έως 17.00, ΙΒΕΑΑ

Μ420 Molecular modeling of biomolecules, Κούρνια, 29/1, 10.00 έως 12.00, ΙΙΒΕΑΑ, Αίθουσα Τηλεδιασκέψεων