welcome meeting on Mon. 28/9

//welcome meeting on Mon. 28/9

welcome meeting on Mon. 28/9

On Monday we’re holding a welcome meeting, at 4pm to 5pm (physically) at the Amphitheatre of the department of Informatics and Telecoms. We’ll present the overall program and we may discuss electives and other choices you’re facing. Some of the instructors shall also be present.

Although meant mostly for 1st year students, all students are welcome.

Reminder: The Fall semester Courses, along with Time, days and classrooms have been announced on our website: http://dsit.di.uoa.gr/. The semester starts on Monday Sept. 28. During the first week, new students will be following the Python Boot Camp, so courses for 1st year students start on Monday Oct. 5.
Course information can be found on the respective course webpages, typically on eClass.